Fay Beck

Power up your acting game now.

I am available for one-on-one sessions and short courses in Acting Technique, Mindset and Career related advise. Together we can devise an action plan to get you where you want to be.

I can't promise it will easy, but I know it will be immensely rewarding and empowering.

Work with me on:

  • Advanced Acting Technique
  • Deep Characterisation
  • Advanced Text Analysis
  • BEAT Emotion Scales
  • Relationship Technique
  • Emotional Preparation
  • Developing powerful INSIDE-OUT/OUTSIDE-IN Perspective
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Performance Anxiety Management
  • Behavioural Change Facilitation
  • Intuitive Goal Setting Technique
  • Marketing and Industry Positioning

For Corporate clients I offer:

Advanced Communication Skills
Tools for developing higher Emotional Intelligence
Executive Emotion Control
Meta level cognitive function
Cultivating Deep focus
Managing Shame, Anxiety and other factors negatively affecting performance

Given her psychology and counselling training, Fay is uniquely able to move and think across Acting Technique and the psychological factors that impinge on Success, Motivation and Mindfulness. This pairing of formal psychology training and acting technique, together with her experience and knowledge of the industry and market, gained through writing, directing and producing, make her distinctly able to advise across these fields. Not only that, this specific set of experiences, have given her insight into how best to advise and coach prospective entrants to the profession.

Actors who are coached by Fay, develop a holistic approach to development as future actors and artists. Fay’s clients feel empowered because they begin to grasp more fully what their profession entails, from technique and craft all the way to marketing and representation in the industry.


Fay Beck is an acting coach who founded the Beck Emotional Access Technique (BEATTM) and the AID System of Success. She is also the founder of the Actors Door Studio, an acting studio based in London offering short and long term in person training. BEATTM, Fay’s method for training actors to access emotions is based on the Meisner Technique and her reading of Neuropsychology and Psychoanalysis. She has continued to expand her method in line with the latest research from fields such as Affective Neuroscience and Mindfulness.

Fay’s method deviates fundamentally from Meisner’s work, most notably in relation to how each respective technique places primacy over character. The focus of BEATTM is to disengage the actor’s emotional attachment to objects in their own life. Through this detachment of emotional energy, the artist is then able to use it by applying it to the character’s world. Said simply, Fay teaches how to look at any emotion you experience, free it up from the circumstance in which it appears in you, and then, helps you use the emotion where appropriate in your acting work.