Please read commonly asked questions. If what you are looking for is not there, please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry.


Our courses are designed to offer students of acting at all levels, the possibility to study on an ad hoc basis. Use the difficulty level and the course description to gauge if the course is fitting for you. You are welcome to take courses in any order and as you require them. While it is recommended for beginners to start at the beginning with Courses labeled “Beginners”, there’s no particular order you should follow.

Just like our courses, the Masterclasses have been designed to offer students the flexibility to add to their existing skillset by following specific classes if they feel a gap in knowledge. If you are a beginner, of you feel like revisiting the basics from a new perspective, we recommend starting your training at the beginning. This way, you will have the right foundations on which to build more advanced skills and in-depth knowledge.

We are dedicated to providing actors with the information they actually need and the learning material they ask us to create for them. We create Masterclasses and schedule Courses based on need. If many students request a Masterclass or course on a particular topic or skill set, we begin developing! We have easy access to a pool of talented teachers and coaches ready to align their knowledge to your requirements. This is your studio, please get in touch to let us know what you need!

Yes, absolutely! Live classes are a dynamic learning environment which you can share with others. Filmed content presents useful knowledge and teachings in a format easily accessible and at your fingertips. You may require ready instructional content on a particular skillset for an upcoming audition for instance. Masterclasses give you access to distilled knowledge when you need it. Courses a great way to delve deeper into a particular topic. You may decide to explore some of the lessons from Masterclasses in a Course later on, or as it becomes available. This not only helps you expand your knowledge base; it also gives you the opportunity to hear the coach’s direct response to any queries that may arise.


Depending on their area of expertise, all our coaches are available for booking. You may decide to book the coach for one-on-one sessions. This can be particularly useful if you are preparing for a role or in preparation for an upcoming audition. If you’d like to work on a skill set at a more in-depth level, then a 5 and 10 pack coaching sessions are available. Alternatively, provided the tutor is available, you may decide to work with them on an ongoing monthly, or longer-term basis.


Coaches are experienced and equipped with knowledge to work with different groups. Please see our individual coach profiles to find a coach best suited to your needs.


We welcome and in search of talented coaches to join our team. If you specialise in coaching actors we would love to hear from you. We consider applications from individual with formal training in Drama, Movement and Voice who are especially talented in working with aspiring actors. Otherwise you will be a prtoven expert in the area in which you work.

We welcome leaders in the field executive coaching or business consulting to get in touch. Please note that we only consider applications from individuals with formal qualifications in Psychology or Philosophy from reputable tertiary institutions to join our team.