Where and when you feel the resistance that is exactly the place and the time you must press on. However gently, however carefully it doesn’t matter; the point is to push on.

Fay Beck


Confidence, positivity, grit, tenacity, motivation endurance, are a small subset of things required to see you though the steep cliff to success. Yet these qualities are rarely given the focus they deserve at a drama school or a professional actors studio

Has this been your experience?


The best acting studios should offer classes in the business of acting and career development. They should give such courses the central importance they deserve in the actor’s pedagogy.

Does this match what you’ve seen out there?


When lucky, actors are taught a method of acting they can apply to performance. Unfortunately, even when good, actors report that their drama studio training lacked coherence and fell short of delivering them deep insight into the craft of acting.

Have you been taught a concise, effective method that actually makes sense to you? Or has it rather been a confused mishmash of methods, a mixture of helpful pieces of advice, tips, tricks that although useful do not feel grounded in you?


Good acting coaching should help you identify ‘red’ areas in your technique – career – mindset system and use behaviour to affect change within it.

Have you been given the right tools to apply when difficulties are met? Or do you find yourself at a loss about how to proceed past the problem?

Our system is based on a known process of motivation that has been used to lead people to do great things. It takes into account research and findings about human motivation and behaviour. It is a distillation of ideas, proven theories and findings from various fields in psychology. The work of particular theorists may be immediately evident in our approach namely Daniel Kahneman’s thesis on the dichotomy between two systems of behaviour. Philosophically, we believe that emotions and consciousness is connected and so we are aligned with Mark Solms’ work particularly as expressed in The Hidden Spring.

While our approach is guided by formal systems of knowledge, we consider it to be a practical based system. Experience and test case application is what guides refinement of our method. Fay is actively developing and testing her methods as she encompasses shifts in our industry, culture and practice.

The system is not a quick tip guide:

Instead, AID is a comprehensive system of training for the modern actor aiming to empower them with state-of-the-art knowledge and tools about themselves, the craft, and, the industry into which they seek to gain access, and one day very soon, lead.

What are you waiting for?


Think of our system like this:

The more aware you are and the more knowledgeable you are, the more control you have over best behaviour and action, moving you closer to your goals.

This is the upward virtuous cycle mode of human behaviour. This is the cycle you want to be on.

The opposite process unfortunately also holds true about the way we work:

The less aware you are and the less knowledgeable you are, the less control you have over your own destiny. The result is that you are further from your goals, eventually leading to a disempowered mindset and, reduced wellbeing and mental health.

You’ll recognise this as what is commonly referred to as a downwards vicious cycle. If you recongnise that you are on one of these, it’s time to take action!

Get the help you need to turn the other way.

Our aim here at the studio is to make sure it works the right way: upwards and onwards towards success.



There are 2 ways to learn at the Studio: Courses, One-on-one Coaching.


Option 1


Explore existing or scheduled courses taking place in your timezone. Delve deeper into technique and practice with the help of a coach in small groups.


Option 2


Work with a coach one-on-one to diagnose problem areas. Develop a bespoke path to success with your coach. Propel your career to new heights.