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A Useful Guide for selecting a coach

Our coaches specialise in particular area of acting craft, motivation and performance.

Choose the coach you would like to work with based on needs you have at any one time. For example, if you feel you’d like to focus on motivation over acting, voice or movement work, then your search will be aimed at finding the most suitable acting coach who includes Motivation as one of their specialism.

If you have trouble identifying which areas you should prioritise, then booking a session with a senior level acting coach like Fay Beck and Martina Avogadri. It is more than advisable to work on one or more areas at any one time. For example, you may need to work on both voice and movement at the same time and so, and as such you may opt for sessions with the Voice and Movement tutors. At the same, you feel like developing your audition technique. At which point, you may opt to work with a different coach who you feel is more suitable for this study area.

While our coaches come from different methodological backgrounds, all our coaches have been selected by for inclusion, on the basis that they fundamentally approach lessons from the perspective of empowering the actor to take control over their voice, moving body, emotional instrument and mind. As such, we are certain that you will experience a seamlessness in your training even if you are attending taking private lessons with different coaches.